My Three Angels.    Directed by Mu Gurbutt and performed by the Great Hall Theatre Company, at the Assembly Rooms, Norwich.   Play by Sam and Bella Spewack, adapted from the French play Cuisine des Anges by Albert Husson

Set in tropical French Guiana on Christmas Eve in 1910, the story concerns the Ducotel family, Felix, Emilie and daughter Marie Louise, who, with great inefficiency manage a general store. The shop is deep in debt and on the way from France is the evil-minded cousin to evict the family from the business, accompanied by his cold-hearted nephew, who is jilting the daughter for an heiress back in Paris.

Three convicts (two murderers and a swindler) on work release from Devil’s Island prison, hired to repair the shop roof, overhear the situation and conspire to assist the family. Drawing on their collective checkered pasts and criminal knowledge, these benevolent scoundrels make it their business to set matters right.

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