Outward Bound, directed by John Hare, performed by Great Hall Theatre Company, at The Assembly Rooms, Norwich.

In the smoking lounge of a small ocean liner, a motley group of seven passengers meet. Why are they there? Where are they bound? Through the play’s mix of drama and fantasy, interspersed with moments of comedy, each of them eventually discovers the answers. Outward Bound is the kind of work that, once seen, provokes endless discussion and arguments about its meaning.

Outward Bound is a 1923 play written by Sutton Vane.  The play is about a group of seven passengers who meet in the lounge of an ocean liner at sea and realise that they have no idea why they are there, or where they are bound. Each of them eventually discovers that they are dead, and that they have to face judgment from an Examiner, who will determine whether they are to go to Heaven or Hell. [Source: Wikipedia]

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