Underground, by Michael Sloan.  Performed by Great Hall Theatre Company, 3rd November 2014, at The Assembly Rooms, Norwich.   Directed by Zanna Foley-Davies.

A tense and claustrophobic thriller emerges when twelve people become trapped in a London Underground train carriage. The fear of being trapped underground with very little air and apparently no rescue service underway becomes very real as we witness the initial panic and fear experienced by the passengers. As the temperature rises and tempers fray, an electrical shortage on the train shrouds a brutal murder and when the lights eventually come up we are faced with a new and more chilling revelation – there is a murderer aboard and nowhere to run…

This was a comparatively cramped set, as you would expect for a play set in a railway carriage.    The lighting was comparatively low as well, which challenges the cameras ability to lock on focus.    As there was quite a lot of people on stage, I used a combination of 50mm prime lens, 24-105 zoom but also a 10-22mm ultrawide angle lens.

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