Most Monoposto race weekends are held over a weekend with separate qualifying and races on each day.    Oulton Park was different.    Oulton rarely holds races on Sundays, and only for the biggest UK meetings such as BTCC, so Saturday was crammed full with an early start and running right up to the 18:30 curfew, and actually holding some sessions on the Friday.

To help fit everything into the schedule, Mono used a single qualifying session to set the grid for both races – a drivers fastest time set the grid for race 1, and their second fastest time would set the grid for race 2.

Jeremy Timms is quick in whatever he drives, but this time he had to give way to Jason, his cousin.    However, he wrestled his Speads around the circuit, with not even a front right puncture slowing him that much.   The tyre was starting to come apart and he was caught on the final few laps, but hung on for valuable points.

The photos from the 1600, 1800 and MotoMono classes are online, 2000 and 2000 Classic to follow

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