F3 Cup – Oulton Park, July 2014 by Norwich Photo

The weather on the way to Oulton Park on Friday afternoon was glorious – hot and sunny.    However, the forecast predicted showers and sun…

Saturday morning arrived to a dull grey damp morning, with a heavy drizzle in the air which progressed to fairly heavy rain by the time the first cars went out on track.

Saloon cars can cope with poor conditions better – they’re heavier and have substantially greater ground clearance.   F3 cars have about 15mm ground clearance and can easily start to aquaplane if conditions are too bad.     I’m hold that race control were on the verge of abandoning the meeting, but they didn’t and thankfully no-one suffered any major damage.    A number of people out braked themselves, some recovering to continue, some getting themselves stuck.

Anyway, the ducks didn’t seem to mind…

Towards the end of the afternoon, the sun did come out, but the track was still damp and very slippery in places.

Anyway, Toby Sowery won (again),   Tristan Cliffe finished second (again) and everyone might have dried out in time for Brands Hatch.