I am regularly asked to take pre-production photos of drama groups forthcoming productions for publicity and press.   The Rackheath Players are embarking on a production of The Wizard of Oz, and they had in mind a poster inspired by the famous movie poster, featuring Judy Garland wearing a blue gingham dress against a cornfield.

In Norfolk in December, there aren’t many cornfields, so an impromptu studio was setup in the Rackheath Village Hall committee room, with a white paper backdrop and two studio flash heads positioned high.    Dorothy and The Wicked Witch of the West were available in full costume and make up and various shots were taken.

During post processing the colours were enhanced slightly – a bit more blue to bring out the blue of her dress and the ribbons in her hair, and a bit of contrast adjustment.    The subject was cut out in Photoshop using the magnetic lasso tool and the selection expanded by 2 pixels and feathered slightly and pasted into a new image ready to be dropped into whatever background the poster designer had ready.

Several other pictures were taken at the same time which will be released to the press in the run up to the production and used in the programme.