Jim Blockley emerged as the inaugural winner of the Tiedeman Trophy but was one of three contenders who all scored maximum points (if points were awarded).   Jim took the class win in both races as well as recording fastest race lap, as did Chris Dittmann and Jason Timms, but Jim had more competition in his class so the award and £ 500 of race entries was awarded to him.

27 cars qualified, but Daniel Hands hit the barriers at Luffield in Qualifying and Graham Read’s bike engined Dallara had gear selection problems and pulled off the grid at the start.

The picture shows the altercation between Alan Fincham (white car) and Andrew Colebrooke (black car).  Andrew took the inside line at Maggotts which is a very fast left hand kink before they brake hard for the right hander to put them on the Wellington Straight.  Both drivers were uninjured and the Clerk of the Course decreed it a racing incident.

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