I’d not been to Castle Combe since 2007, so it was nice to go back.

The morning was lovely, ideal racing conditions – not too hot, not too windy, but clouds rolled in and whilst the 2000 cars were in the assembly area it began to drizzle, then to rain a bit and everyone was trying to decide whether to go with slicks or go onto wets.     The wrong choice could mean sliding off the circuit or trashing a set of wets, and with another race later in the day it was a tricky decision for many.

My gut feeling was that slicks would be better, especially once a drying line had been established, although wets would have the advantage offline and on the first couple of corners.

The later races were held in worse conditions, and surprisingly some people did venture out on slicks, only to regret the decision later.

A marshal told me that of all the incidents in UK motorsport, 25% of them happen at Quarry Corner – a statistic I’m not certain I believe totally, but its one of the trickiest corners at Combe to get right, an almost blind (certainly in a single seater) right hander which you approach over Avon Rise at speed.  The car goes light as it crests the top of Avon Rise, by which time you need to be ready for Quarry.  There is precious little run-off which Prajesh Shah found to his cost, and a number of other cars locked their brakes but managed to keep the car on track.

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