The Snetterton 300 circuit hosted rounds 7 and 8 of the 2012 Monoposto Championship.   As usual I was there to cover the action.   Whilst it wasn’t raining, it was windy, the gusts unsettling the cars somewhat.

Dan Clowes took pole in the MotoMono but pulled off before the end of qualifying with a mysterious electrical issue – a problem which would later return and cause him to retire from the race, leaving Adrian Wright a clear run to the race win.    Dan changed a lot of electrical components in a bid to fix the problem and was duly rewarded with the Sunday race win.

This saw the debut of Jake Mayes in a Mono1600 car, and he was awarded Driver of the Day for his first race performance.

Amnon Needham borrowed Richard Purcell’s Mono car and joined Adrian Holey’s Dallara with the Top Marx team.

Robbie Watts retired from the Mono2000 race 1 when the oil pump drive belt snapped.  This would have resulted in fairly major engine damage.     Tony Bishop (pictured) took his first ever race win on the Sunday.   He’d been closing on Malcolm Scott for a number of laps and siezed the initiative when Malcolm got held up by a backmarker.   He then started pulling away and held on for the race win.

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