I arrived at Donington Park late on Wednesday night ready for the test day on Thursday.   This day started off wet but dried during the morning, although the rain returned for a bit in the early afternoon.       The test day was an unsilenced day, with a mixture of cars ranging from a VW Golf up to older F1 cars and Group C machinery preparing for the Donington Historic Festival next weekend.

I stayed at the circuit on Friday, as traipsing back to Norwich only to come back the following day seemed like a waste of time and fuel.    There was a track day, in pouring rain.

There was a free practice session on Saturday, which some drivers elected to take part in, although many stayed in the garages as the weather was dry, but expected to be wet on Sunday, so there wouldn’t be many lessons learnt.

Sunday was very wet.  F3 Cup were first session and last session so it was a long damp, cold day!    I was very glad to be able to change my boots and socks for dry pairs at the end of the day.

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