I was at Brands Hatch on Saturday and Sunday for the MSVR Brands Hatch Indy weekend.   My primary concern was covering the St. Cross Electronics Mono Championship.

In Mono2000 Robbie Watts scored a double win, as did Ewen Sergison in Mono1800 and Marc Fortune in MotoMono.    Jim Timms and Jared Wood shared Mono 2000 Classic wins, as did David Parkinson and Nigel Davers in Mono1600

[button link=”http://www.racingexposure.com/mono2012/r1/”]Round 1 (Saturday) Gallery[/button]

[button link=”http://www.racingexposure.com/mono2012/r1/”]Round 2 (Sunday) Gallery[/button]

There are some photos of MSV Trackday Trophy on the Saturday page as well.