Letter of Intent by Sarah Friedel, directed by Zanna Foley-Davies and performed by Great Hall Players January / February 2012.

The tag line is “someone intends to annihilate an entire family”.

Having fallen out with her partner and needing to sort out her life, Chloe Westlake returns to live at her childhood home with her adoptive parents, Stephen and Diana. Shortly afterwards, however, the family is thrown into turmoil as a series of terrifying events begin to unfold. A wreath is left at the house just before an attempt is made on Chloe’s life during a high-speed car chase. Then almost immediately a member of the family is murdered. Police can find no clues and no motives. Is there a vendetta against the Westlake family, if so why?

Someone, somewhere, knows something, and is intent on the annihilation of the entire family. The twists and turns in the plot culminate in a fascinating finale to this gripping story!

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