All contributing photographers to MSV Racing – both the website and race programmes were invited to submit their favourite photo of the year.   The photo had to be from either an MSVR meeting or an MSVR series.     I chose this image of Aaron Steele rounding the La Source Hairpin at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, where MSV F3 Cup were racing.

I chose this over other shots, including crash shots or technically better racing shots because there isn’t a corner in the UK where a photographer can get this close to the cars.   This shot was taken with a 24mm wide angle lens, and if the driver clips the apex heavily a photographer could just about touch the car.      The closest corner I can think of where you are this close is possibly the Devil’s Elbow at Mallory Park, but you are still further away than this.

Whilst I didn’t win, that allocade went to Racing Exposure’s BTCC contributing photographer, Nick Dungan, whose winning shot was from the Brands Hatch DTM meeting, my shot did receive the 2nd highest number of ‘likes’ on the MSVR Facebook page.    Apparently we will all receive a small award in the New Year.