Well known mail order retailer Warehouse Express has a showroom at its Norwich HQ.    They have recently rebranded themselves as WEX Photographic in an attempt to make it a bit more obvious what the nature of their business is, and as such hosted an open day in Norwich.

I was there with Omicron Motorsport’s championship winning car and driver combo – Tristan Cliffe and his Dallara F398 which races in the Monoposto Racing Club.   As a successful local racing driver, he and his car were on hand for various photo opportunities, and many of the visitors were allowed to try his car out for size.

Alongside were some birds of prey – provided by Tim and Tina from Out on a Wing Falconry  who had a number of beautiful birds on display, including Ghost and Titan (above), both Owls.   Tim and Tina’s enthusiasm for these birds was obvious.

Inside there were demonstrations from Canon, who had a large number of bodies and lenses on display, including a pre-production version of the new Canon 1D-X digital camera which is the latest and greatest of the Canon 1D line, and the merging of the 1D and 1DS ranges into a single full-frame camera.   Sadly I was not allowed to use my own memory card, but its a hugely impressive camera (albeit at a suitably impressive price of around £ 5000.)

Epson were also demonstrating some of their large format printers, and were giving away A2 prints – some of them of themselves sitting in the racing car, either taken by me on my own camera, or taken using their camera, or of the birds of prey, a portrait from inside or even just a photo from the memory card in their camera or phone.   One person was seen with a portrait of their Alpaca!

Many thanks to all at WEX, and to Laura from Willow Park for arranging for me and the Omicron car to be there.