Once again I was invited to join the photography team covering the Great Eastern Run at Peterborough, but this was to be my first event at the Peterborough venue.  I had covered both the Norwich Half Marathon twice before and the London Marathon earlier this year.

I left the house at 6am in order to arrive for the 8am rendezvous. I got there a little early but was pleased to find a coffee stall open. When the rest of the team arrived, we were all issued with our memory cards, and part of the team headed off to the start where they would be getting pre-race candids and the start itself, whilst others went to different locations on course.

My first location was shortly after the first mile, and a team of four of us were on hand for this location. Two either side of the road, a couple of hundred feet apart. As this was close to the start, all the runners would come through fairly closely, and the whole field came through within about 10 minutes of each other. They were using the pavements as well as the road, so I chose to stand close to a tree to avoid being trampled in the stampede.

After all the runners had come through I moved on to Park Crescent which was 11.5 miles in. The runners were a lot more spread out by now and the leading elite athlete had a lead of several minutes. The weather was overcast and dull, which meant using a higher than normal ISO to obtain a suitably fast shutter speed.

After the vast majority of runners had come through, it was time to pack up and to head to the finish, to meet up with the rest of the team and to fill in all the forms necessary.

Marathon Foto had a team of nine or ten photographers working this event, some from Norfolk like myself, others coming up from London, and possibly some locals.  Several working the start and finish lines, and then a team out on the course. Some were using equipment provided by the company – all Nikons, but some of us brought our own equipment. I chose to use my own equipment as I was familiar with that.

No photos to show as they retain the memory cards – sorry!     If you were one of the fun runners or athletes, then photos can be viewed on the Marathon Foto website shortly.

If you can’t find yourself, there may be a section of unsorted photos – the system apparently works using optical character recognition software – similar to the Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems used for catching motorists.   This scans the photo for a race number.  For those who wear their numbers on the back or obscure the number with your arm, then the system cannot process these photos and will require human intervention.