This was really the first time that TSS has visited a proper circuit – the visits to Rockingham utilise the outer oval with a coned course, and Teesside is a grown up kart circuit with a hilly bit.

Croft has a well-publicised noise problem, caused by a messy divorce, and all entrants were reminded to make sure their cars were quiet.  The start was midway along the second straight, avoiding the Clervaux gravel trap in the process which was a bit of a shame as there is a good photo angle there.   The rest of the lap was pretty much uninterrupted, but an additional coned chicane between Tower and the Jim Clark Esses.

People loved it and didn’t begrudge the 5hr+ travel time for most people.

Jonny Milner took FTOD in his orange Celica, Jonny treated the course like a rally stage and the way he attacked the complex and hairpin at the end of the lap was incredible to watch – tyres smoking.    He now has 3 wins compared to 2 for Adrian Smith.   A win for Smith next month would give him the title on a tie, as he won the opening round at Rockingham – so its really a must win event for both men.

If you wish to buy a dvd, and I would like to recoup a lot of travel/petrol costs (ahem), then let me know.

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