The remains of Hurricane Katia was battering the North Wales coast when we arrived for the MSVR Weekend.   I was there covering the Monoposto Championship and also MSV F3 Cup.    I would class this as the most unpleasant weather combination I have ever shot motorsport in!    Constant winds of 30mph plus, made it hard enough, but the driving rain that occasionally came, arrived sideways!

Several drivers clinched their championships – Tristan Cliffe in Monoposto 2000.  Peter Bragg (absent) in Mono 1800, Peter Venn in Mono 2000 Classic, Geoff Fern in Mono1400 and Adrian Wright in Mono1000.   However the battles for 2nd and 3rd places are still open for many classes.

The picture shows Tristan Cliffe celebrating his 2nd race win of the weekend, which sealed the defence of his 2010 title.   The image was used by two local newspapers as well.

In F3 Cup, Aaron Steele again provided a masterclass in how to drive an F3 car in tricky conditions.

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