Oulton Park was bathed in sunlight for the Saturday ‘Blast in the Park’ meeting.

I was there covering Monoposto Racing Club, and also Production BMW and Project 8 Racing for a fellow photographer who was unable to make the meeting.

The photograph above shows Adrian Wright, debuting the GEM AW3, taking the lead in the Monoposto race for 1000 – 1800cc cars.   Adrian’s car is unusual in the fact the car is self designed and built, with a tubular chassis and a combination of fibreglass and carbon fibre for the outer panels and wings.   Like the previous AW2 which is a multiple race winner, the AW3 uses a bike engine.   The car was on the pace immediately, and now Adrian can fine tune the car and more speed will come.

Adrian finished second in the race, and retakes the lead in the Monoposto 1000 championship.

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