The VW Fun Cup visited Snetterton once again.     For the uninitated, the Fun Cup uses space-frame mid engined cars clothed in a fibreglass shell resembling the old VW Beetle.    Races are long distance endurance affairs with several drivers and compulsary pitstops.

Neil Plimmer and Geoff Fawcett repeated their 2010 victory at Snetterton in the Team Honeywell car, it was a close run thing, but Team Honeywell’s slicker pitstops overhauled a small deficit into victory.

This race was held on the Snetterton 200 circuit and was to last 5 hours.     Support races included the TVR Challenge, the UK debut of the Saker Sportscars and two different sets of Mini racers – the Mighty Minis and the Super Mighty Minis.

Whilst there was racing on the outer circuit, the British Sprint Championship held a round on the smaller Snetterton 100 circuit.

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