The 2010 Lotus Festival was a particular highlight, as Classic Team Lotus had managed to get an example of every F1 car that Team Lotus had built, and the Tony Fernandes flavoured  Lotus Racing F1 were present.  There was a capacity crowd that year.

2011 was never going to live up to that billing, but there were several examples of Lotus F1 cars present, including the type 101 (Judd) and type 102 (Lamborghini V12) as pictured above.  These Camel sponsored cars were joined by a JPS type 79, a Gold Leaf type 58 and some of the older cars.

The 1 hour Lotus Cup race was won by Martin Donnelly and Gavan Kershaw in their Lotus Evora GT4 (right).

Donnelly was a Lotus F1 driver who miraculously survived a massive accident at Jerez in 1990 which ended his F1 career.

Kershaw is an engineer for Lotus responsible for chassis development, and noted for his skill as a driver.

There was also an attempt at the world record for a parade of Lotus Cars, but unfortunately this was not successful.   If you were in the parade, email me your registration number and model/colour of car and I may have a shot of you.