Some people grumble about the Indy circuit of Brands Hatch, but I am not sure why.     Noise complaints limit the use of the full circuit, but the smaller circuit offers close and exciting racing, and spectators can see a lot of the circuit from any given area.     A short lap time means quicker cars encounter traffic early and they come regularly.

Drivers get to repeatedly sample one of the greatest corners in UK motorsport, the daunting, Paddock Hill Bend, a blind apex right hand that swoops downhill, steering getting heavier as the body compresses at the bottom, before the climb up Hailwood Hill towards the equally demanding Druids Hairpin – a sequence that is difficult to master repeatedly.

The picture shows Jeremy Goodman in his Ralt RT3 taking an unorthodox line through Druids Hairpin.   He actually managed to drive out of the gravel trap.

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