The Road Hill House Murder by David Morrison

Great Hall Players, November 2010

Sometime between the night of 29 June and the morning of 30 June 1860, Francis Savill Kent (almost four years old) disappeared from his home, Road Hill House, in the village of Rode. His body was found in the vault of an outhouse on the property.   The child, still dressed in his nightshirt and wrapped in a blanket, had knife wounds on his chest and hands, and his throat was slashed so deeply that the body was almost decapitated. Although the boy’s nanny was initially arrested, she was soon released and the suspicions of detective Jonathan Whicher of Scotland Yard moved to the boy’s sixteen-year-old half-sister, Constance. She was arrested on 16 July, but released without trial. The family moved to Wrexham, but sent Constance to a finishing school in France.    Five years later Constance confessed and was found guilty.  She avoided the death sentence and served 20 years in prison.  After her release she emigrated to Australia and devoted the rest of her life to nursing.

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