Findbhera a musical fantasy Written and Composed by Elliott Baker 18th – 20th February 2010

Rackheath Players presented the UK Premier of Findbhera.

While out exploring the human world, Katie, daughter of the king of the Tooth Fairies, meets Max, a young man who loves everything about flight.

Their growing friendship is short-lived, however, after a centennial celebration of all fairies and troublesome trolls.

As a reward for keeping a promise, the trolls demand that Katie become their drudge, or servant, until the next centennial, one hundred years away.

Max and several other fairies try to rescue Katie and discover a key piece of information that changes everything.

Produced by arrangement with Eldridge Plays & Musicals

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Katie Laura Dignum
Findbharr Eddie Allison
Mabel Angela Smith
Molly Hana Rejzl
Miranda Sabrina Poole
Gorwin Tristan Cliffe
Galvin Zac D’Rosario (Sat. matinee Katie Howard)
Fiona Katie Atkins
Fauna Ali Best
Florence Katie Howard
Historian Jenny Howard


Max Paul Allum
Em Amy Bell
Kimberly Ruth Church
Mr Harwood Richard Clayton
Workman 1 Stephen Dunstan
Workman 2 Daniel Peart


Angor Mike Hall
Goll Jenny Howard
First Troll Stephen Dunstan
Orgnak Diane Stimpson
Crumbit Stephanie Allison
Cronk Richard Clayton
Sgringle Robert Lamacraft
Elf 1 Charlotte Ware
Elf 2 Jessica Vernon

Dance Duet Kiera Smith / Charlotte Ware

ELVES & FAIRIES Daniel Peart, Kiera Smith, Coran Byrne, Hannah Smith, Mason Wright, Imogen Cooke, Tabitha Cooke
TROLLS: Madeline Ingram, Imogen Shearing, Conor Stallard, Henry Lamb, Jude Player



Director Julie Dignum
Assistant Director, Prompt, Front of House Julie Atkins
Stage Manager Cheryl MacInnes
Assistant Stage Managers Laura Daynes, Ruth Church
Lighting design Richard Clayton
Lighting operators Richard Baines, Andrew Cliffe
Sound Keith Dignum
Set construction Stephen Dunstan & cast
Special effects construction Darran Watts
Hair Specialist Julie Butcher
Make up Specialist Ruth Church
Costume Robert Lamacraft & cast
Choreography Laura Dignum, Katie Howard
Bar Tony Howard


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