Gym & Tonic by John Godber 15-17 October 2009

Don and Shirley Weston have come to the Scardale Hall Health Hydro to relax, pamper themselves, and just possibly rescue their ailing marriage. But as the days pass so rifts in the couple’s marriage appear to widen and Don’s mid-life crisis and incompetence in aerobics becomes more evident!

But they are not the only guests as an assortment of other characters are there too, ranging from fitness fanatic Ken Blake to loaded widow Gertrude Tate.

But the temptations are rife for the couple including love interests from others and the odd chocolate bar and pastie.


Don Preston – Stweart MacInnes

Shirley Preston – Julie Dignum

Ken Blake – Phillip Evans

Gertrude Tate – Julie Atkins

Zoe – Laura Dignum

Chloe – Heide Williams

India (Facialist) – Sabrina Poole

Shaun – Stephen Dunstan

Lee (Smoker) – Carl Hanson

Lost Lady – Jenny Howard

Maggie (Don’s mum) – Jenny Howard

Sam (Don’s son) – Carl Hanson





Director – Angela Smith

Stage Manager – Cheryl MacInnes

Set Design – Stephen Dunstan

Lighting Design – Richard Clayton

Lighting & Sound – Paul Allum

Sound Effects preparation – Eddie Allison

Prompt – Laura Daynes

Costumes – Julie Dignum

Front of House – Jukie Atkins & family

Bar – Tony Howard


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